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Pachmarhi Tourism - A beautiful tourist place in Madhya Pradesh - a tourism portal provides you detailed information of hotels, restaurants and resort available in Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi has been harmonized the status of Queen Satpura hill range. Pachmarhi is a combination of belief, past history and nature.It is the most visited hill station of India. Pachmarhi is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh. This beautiful and pulsating location is situated at the altitude of around 3, 555 feet and is surrounded by the most fascinating sceneries of Satpura Hills. The hill station is surrounded by the lush green forests, ravines and rugged hills along with tranquil pools and several waterfalls. At Pachmarhi, most of the places of tourist attractions are within 5-6 km, the best way of getting around is to hire a jeep (Gypsy). Gypsy can be hired through open market or hotel manages to have links with local Gypsy operators.

The town has many tourist hotels including the hotel run by Department of Tourism (Govt. of Madhya Pradesh). Private resorts and cottage/hotel facilities are also available. Hotels in Pachmarhi offers budget hotels in Pachmarhi, including government lodges, many star class hotels and as well as private guesthouses. If you are looking for luxury is what you desire, three star hotels of Pachmarhi, like Accommodation There are not many hotels or lodges in the pachmarhi but few that are there, are clean and cheap. They are not luxury hotels but they cater to all basic needs of tourists. During Rainy season Pachmarhi becomes like a newlywed bride. Tourists staying at the cottages have to entertain the clouds as guests and enjoy their company. There are 5 ATMs at Pachmarhi, 3 of State Bank of India and 2 of Axis Bank.   There are so many places of tourist attractions, where everyone must visit at Pachmarhi to enjoy full beauty of this peaceful and beautiful hill station.

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